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"My artwork conveys a personal and intimate portrait of my interest in nature and humanity. Painted upon reflection of memories, feelings and concerns for our world, my creative process always begins by unleashing a powerful instinctive creative force, followed by consideration of the more formalized elements of an artwork's design. The canvas becomes a place of search and discovery in which the dialogue between both actors, artwork and artist, occurs spontaneously. Always based on nature and it's strengths and vulnerabilities, or humanity and its complexities, my approach to the subject is a parallel construction and deconstruction of layers, shapes and textures.

 With my art, I aim to transport the viewer to an alternate reality where threads, cracks and creases become symbols for an unseen energy that, I believe, connects all living things. I hope that my artworks remind their viewers to observe more closely at the world around them and find beauty in unusual places.

Art, for me, should express emotional and aesthetic appeal to the viewers because


 "The eye sees, the heart feels and the soul vibrates”

Jonsie foto en Plaxall
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