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"The work of Jonsie Isasmendi invites us to immerse ourselves into a world of sensations. Her visual search is, in fact, a personal search: threads that connect our worlds, that connect us, that connect her. Cracks that open within imaginary abstract landscapes. The reading is always subjective,
just like life itself.
Isasmendi raises the presence of a superior force that locates and sustains us in reality, but also reality as a setting for the imagination. This artistic journey  that Isasmendi takes us on, places us somewhere between the sublime and that reality."  

Magdalena Roccatagliata


"I was able to observe Jonsie Isasmendi's potential while she attended art lessons under my guidance in Buenos Aires. A deep bond and appreciation of her native land, Salta, was consistently the focus of her paintings as well as her interest in the exploration of the human being and his environment. It was that focal subject, in my opinion, that she has maintained as the deeply rooted basis upon which she has built her process into abstraction.  Rich chromatic and suggestive drawing is still strongly evident in her artwork. Art, whilst an important component of culture, behaves as a mirror that reflects times and their complexities.  Nowadays, in a  turbulent "chiaroscuro" of virtues and vileness, artists like Isasmendi clearly identify themselves. No doubt she speaks of a nourished inner world still not contaminated by the confusion of  these difficult present times." 

Alberto Martinez Pueyrredon

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